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Bidrento Interface for Business Central User Guide

Bidrento Interface enables the following:


Bidrento Installation

Open Extension Management and check if extension named ‘Bidrento’ is installed. If not, please find and install it from AppSource or contact BCS Itera AS.

How to setup


Open the page Sales & Receivables Setup and then teh fast tab Bidrento. Plese fill the fields as following (mandatory fields marked with *):

Field Description
Bidrento Account Filter * Specity the G/L account numbers to be sent to Bidrento. There they are reported as articles
New customer Template * Specify the customer template to be used when creating a new customer imported from Bidrento
Bidrento Invoice Rounding Account * Set the G/L account number for rounding
Customer Registration No. Field Choose which field is a Customer Business Registration No. in the Customer table

Setup Sales invoices number series

NB! It is important that Sales invoices and Posted sales invoices use different number series.

Setup Dimensions in Moderan and BC

To use dimensions, add the Accounting Code in the Bidrento invoices card.

Setup Payment Terms Code in Bidrento and BC

Describe the same Payment Terms Codes in Bidrento and in BC.

For example: 10 DAYS If the Payment Terms codes ar the same in BC and in the Bidrento contract, the Invoice Due Date will be calculated based on this code.

Setup Accounting Codes in Bidrento

In addition to mapping customers, services should be mapped. To do so, setup accounting codes in Bidrento.

Accounting code should be in format: “Type:No.:GeneralProductPostingGroup”

For example – G/L Account:6115:RENT

How to Get Customers and Sales Invoices from Bidrento

NB! Before performing any data exchange between Business Central and Moderan, existing customers in Business Central and Moderan must be mapped. To do so, open Customers and fill in Moderan ID (located in Invoicing fasttab) for every customer which should be mapped.

To get customers or vendors from Moderan, run action Moderan – Get Customers/Vendors. Existing (mapped) customers or vendors will be updated, and new customers or vendors (who have a Registration No in Moderan) created.

The customers or vendors who do not have a Registration No. will be skipped.

If the customer has English as the invoicing language in Moderan, the Language code is also displayed on the BC customer card.

When new customers or vendors were created, review customer or vendor cards and fill in missing data like Posting Groups.

Moderan – Get Customers/Vendors can be setup to run automatically by using Job Queue functionality.

To do so, open Job Queue Entries and create new entry as:

Field/Tab Value/Description
Object Type to Run Report
Object ID to Run 24007900
Recurrence Indicate desired recurrence

How to Get Invoices from Moderan

To get invoices from Moderan, run action Moderan – Get Invoices and fill in the parameters as following:

Field Description
Period Start* Choose period from which invoices will be retrieved
Posting Date* Enter Posting Date for the invoices
Document Date* Enter Document Date for the invoices
Payment Terms Code Select Payment Terms Code. This applies to invoices that do not have a payment term specified in Moderan
Customer Filter If set, invoices of other customers will be skipped
Invoice Type* Choose Rent or Costs
Cost Optional Filters* Choose Distribution Sets


After successful import, open Sales Invoices. Review, post and issue invoices. Separate invoices can be issued for one tenant if they are entered in Moderan as separate agreements.

If you run action Moderan – Get Invoices more than once for the same period and invoice type, then the following logic will apply:

Invoice in Business Central Explanation
Invoice does not exist Import will create invoice
Invoice has not been posted Import will update the invoice (delete old and create new)
Invoice has been posted Import will skip invoice