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MCDS Connector - User Guide

MCDS (My Company Data Service) Connector allows you to issue business transactions in XBRLGL format. Transactions can be issued to a file or directly to the MCDS.

MCDS is a service that stores company’s business transactions in XBRGL format and allows to forward transactions to justified parties.

Currently two types of transactions and parties are supported:

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MCDS Connector

To enable MCDS connection, open MCDS Connector and fill in the following with information provided to you by MCDS operator:

Field Description
Service URL  
Device Certificate Filename You can upload the certificate file by clicking on the field
Device Certificate Password  

Click Test Connection to validate connectivity.

Electronic Document Formats

To enbale XBRLGL as format, open Electronic Document Formats and ensure that the following format has been setup:

Field Value
Description XBRLGL format for MCDS
Usage Sales Invoice
Codeunit ID 70466925
Delivery Codeunit ID 70466927

Document Sending Profiles

To prepare MCDS as a document sending profile for the customers, open Document Sending Profiles and create new profile as following:

Field Value
Description My Company Data Service
Electronic Document Through Document Exchange Service

Assign this profile to the customers who’s sales invoices should be sent to MCDS.

G/L Accounts

In XBRLGL format, Et-Gaap accounts are used instead of company’s internal chart of accounts.

Open Chart of Accounts and assign Account et-gaap Category for every account that is used in business transactions forwarded to MCDS.


Issue Sales Documents

To issue sales doument as XBRLGL transaction either use action Post and Send on sales document or use action Send on already posted sales docuemnt.

Choose the sending option either to save the XBRLGL document to a file or to send to MCDS:

Field Value Usage
Disk Electronic Document to save to file
Electronic Document Through Document Exchange Service to send to MCDS

Click OK to send the document.

In case of MCDS, if sending was successful, field MCDS Status gets value ‘Validation’ indicating that MCDS has received the document and it is being validated against the XBRLGL schema and MCDS business rules.

Check Sales Document Status

After sales document has been sent to MCDS, its status in MCDS can be checked by running the action MCDS Check Status.

There are two types of statuses which may get to be updated as following:

Field/Value Description
MCDS Status:  
‘Valid’ Transaction is valid and stored in MCDS.
‘Not Valid’ Transaction is invalid and not stored in MCDS.
MCDS E-invoice Status:  
‘Transmitted’ Indicates invoice has been received by the e-invoice operator for delivering to the buyer.

To investigate status updates in more detail e.g. for troubleshooting, open Activity Log for the document. To see technical details of the particular communication entry in the log, you can click View Details.