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Smart Warehouse – User Guide

Smart Warehouse functionality enables the following:

Table of Contents

Smart Warehouse Installation

Open Extension Management and check if extension named ‘Smart Warehouse’ is installed. If not, please find and install it from AppSource or contact BCS Itera AS.


Open Install Wizard. Click on *Enable Web Service** and go Next.


User is instructed to find Smart Warehouse Web Service. Here go Yes.


You find the Web Service on the top of the list of services.


Close Web Services. Copy Whiteboard Application URL for later use and go Next.


You can choose all functionalities for your needs and go Next again. |Field|Usage| |-|-| |Use Work Ordeds|Allows user to view Work Orders.| |Use Warehouse Shipments|Allows user to create and view Warehouse Shipments.| |Use Warehouse Receipts|Allows user to create Warehouse Receipts.| |Use Warehouse Activities|Allows user to view and create Warehouse Activities.|


Allows automatically Setting Up Item Categories which automatically sends the work order to the Smart Warehouse program. If needed activate and go Next.


If you activated previous page, then now opens Item Categories page.


Select the category you want from there and put checkmark in the Automatic workflow Order. Close the page.

For next choose Package Gen. Prod. Posting Group:


This setting allows the inclusion of tare lines at the end of the Work Order. If necessary, adjust suitable. Go Next.

Field Usage
Probability % of checking employee You can determine the probability of user possible errors when assembling orders. By typing the number into the box, the user is assigned the inspector, who randomly inspects his / her completed items according to the set percentage.
Select customers to be checked Activation allows you to change the following option (Select customers to be checked manually or using filters)
Select customers to be checked manually or using filters The previous setting must be activated, then the user can decide which option to select for the customers to be checked.

Here user can assign the inspector for the employee.


Go Next. In the following user can activate automated job’s what is needed for user.


Go Next.

User can see specific information about all the selected automatic works. For example:


Go Next. In the last settings window, you can activate user rights updating, open the settings window and queue entries. When needed lines are activated Finish the installation.


User can download the Smart Warehouse application from the following page:


Extract the document and open file SmartWarehouse Setup.exe:


Field Usage
URL Here copy the previously copied link.
Authentication Windows/Nav User Password
User name Depending on the pre-selection, either Window or Business Central User
Password Depending on the pre-selection, either Window or Business Central User


Then test the connection:


If user succeeded, the answer is:


Go back to Business Central. Open Unit of Measure settings and set up needed unit of measures. These what user needs to use in Smart Warehouse program put the checkmark into Unit of Weight box.


Go to Warehouse Employees page. Add there all employees who start using Smart Warehouse program. Select Location Code. Put the checkmark for these locations in box Default what are going to be the users default locations.



Purchase order process in Business Central

Open Purchase Orders and make New order. Mandatory fields are: Vendor Name, Vendor Invoice No, Vehicle No. On the lines add items with Location code and Quantity.


Previous information is needed, because then the warehouse worker can see this in the Smart Warehouse program. Then Press Actions -> Release -> Fill Quantity Originally Ordered. Field Quantity Originally Ordered must now be filled with same value in the field Quantity.


Press button Release. Press Actions -> Warehouse -> Create Whse. Receipt


Purchase order process in Smart Warehouse program

Open SmartWarehouse.exe.


If needed log in with the same User name and Access key you used in the settings:


After successful login user can see activity list:


Open Warehouse Receipt. In the following user can choose how to find right Warehouse Receipt: by Date, by Vendor, by Vehicle, by Item.


If for example user chooses Vehicle, all the purchase orders that have vehicle are shown:


Click on the Vehicle and then user can see purchase lines.


Field Usage
Code From Business Central item code, not editable.
LTAR000019 FDR345 Items from Warehouse Receipt, not editable.
Original Quantity In the Business Central purchase order quantity, not editable.
Unit Unit from Business Central, not editable.
Quantity Click on the field and fill in the actual quantity.
Scrap % Click on the field and fill scrap % if needed.
Lot If item has lot, edit it.
Bin From Business Central, not editable field.
Complete If the row checked user can mark it Complete.

Click on item row Quantity and enter actual quantity. For some products user also needs to fill in rows:


Field Usage
Pallet KG If setup in Business Central comes automatically. Editable field if needed.
Box KG If setup in Business Central comes automatically. Editable field if needed.
Boxes If setup in Business Central comes automatically. Editable field if needed.
Gross KG If setup in Business Central comes automatically. Editable field if needed.
Net KG If setup in Business Central comes automatically. Editable field if needed.
Scrap % If click on the field can setup scrap %.
Lot Here user can’t set it. User can set it on the previous page.
Complete If all is set, click Complete.

From button Print label, user can print pallet label.


If item is checked put a checkmark into box Complete.


If all items are checked in warehouse go Back.


Then user can choose if to approve lines or not. If approves, click Yes and Open.


Then for user opens warehouse put-away, where user can choose the place for items.


If place is set and items are in the right place put the checkmark into the box Complete. All the purchase processes are done and user can go back home.

Purchase order check in Business Central and order posting

Open the purchase order that has put-away registered in Smart Warehouse. On the Lines -> Line -> Item Tracking Lines user can see expiration date entered on Warehouse Receipt in Smart Warehouse program.


In addition, user can set Serial No., Lot No. and SN code for item.


On the *Lines -> Line -> Weighing lines you see archive of weighing.


Now if all is correct Post the Document.

Sales Order process in Business Central

Create new Sales Order. In the General part in field Work Description user can enter information to the warehouse worker:


In the part Smart Warehouse user can enter following information:

Field Usage
Picking Status Picking/Completed
Route Preset routes
Route Delivery Start Route delivery starting time
Route Delivery End Route delivery ending time
Position on Route What is the position in chosen route
Shipment Date Shipment Date
Work Group It is possible to connect warehouse workers with customers


On the row’s user can enter information for assembler:


If all needed rows are filled Release the document. Open Job Queue Entries. Restart Job Queue Entry:

This automation job creates a Warehouse Shipment and Inventory Picking. The lines will now available in the Smart Warehouse program.

Sales Order process in Smart Warehouse

Open Smart Warehouse program. Open page Warehouse Activities.


Then page Pick.


Then the Warehouse Pick user made in Business Central will be visible.


Warehouse worker can see Work Description, Route and Warehouse Shipment information with item information. Also here is possible to print Label for Bin. If items are picked put the checkmark into box Complete.


Pick is registered and user can go back Home. Now go to Warehouse Shipment.


Opens picked warehouse shipment list.


User can specify car information by clicking on the button Specify Car.


Then click on the row user wants to send out and confirm the quantities and put the checkmarks into Complete.


Go Back and Complete.


From Smart Warehouse part process is done and user can go back Home.

Sales order check in Business Central and order posting

Open Business Central and check the Sales order what was previously made. Quantities should be updated from Smart Warehouse program.


Post the invoice.

Bin content check

Open in Smart Warehouse program page Goods Inspection. Click on the field Code and enter item number user wants to check ant then click Enter. User can see Bin content for the item.


If item has for example lot, user can check it by clicking on the item line.


If needed information is checked click button Clear and go Back.

For more information and pricing please contact BCS Itera AS: