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Bidrento Interface for Business Central User Guide

Bidrento Interface enables the following:


Bidrento Installation

Open Extension Management and check if extension named ‘Bidrento’ is installed. If not, please find and install it from AppSource or contact BCS Itera AS.


Open the page Sales & Receivables Setup and then the fast tab Bidrento. Plese fill the fields as following (mandatory fields marked with *):

Field Description
Bidrento Account Filter * Specity the G/L account numbers to be sent to Bidrento. There those accounts are reported as articles
New customer Template * Specify the customer template to be used when creating a new customer imported from Bidrento
Bidrento Invoice Rounding Account * Set the G/L account number for rounding
Automatically Create Invoice Dimensions Choose Yes, if you want the Dimension Values for the Dimension specified in Bidrento to be generated automatically
Customer Registration No. Field Choose which field is used for a Customer Business Registration No. in the Customer table
Invoice Payment Reference No.Field Choose which field is used for a Payment Reference No. in the Invoice Header table


Customers and customer template

Customer information is entered in Bidrento and sent to Business Central. Enter account posting groups, language and other important information in the same customer template as specified on the Sales and Receivables Setup page. A new field Bidrento No. has been added to the Customer’s card, through which the customer’s information is updated.

Sales invoices numbers

The number series of the sales invoices is determined in Bidrento. A posted sales invoice is created with the same number.


To use dimensions, add the Dimension code to the Bidrento Interface page.
You can enter the dimension values manually or the use the button Automatically Create Invoice Dimensions to create new dimension values.

Payment Terms

The Due Date is set when the invoice is created in Bidrento and is present on the imported invoice.

Setup Accounts or Articles for Bidrento

Specity the G/L account numbers to be sent to Bidrento on the Sales and Receivables Setup page. There those accounts are reported as articles.

Get Customers and Sales Invoices from Bidrento

When you send an invoice to a customer from Bidrento, the updated Customer information and invoice are automatically sent to Business Central.

File log and Error management

All files sent from Bidrento are on the page Bidrento Inbound. Once all the settings have been made, the data will be processed immediatley and a Customer card or Sales invoices will be created. This page also shows error messages about file exchange or missing setup. Fix the error and then Press the Process button to restart processing.