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Card Payment Terminal - User Guide


The app needs connection parameters for the card payment terminal. To do that. Users must use the Card Payment Terminal Setup page. The field’s meanings are shown in the table.

Field name Type Length Description
Code Code 10 Cashier’s designation
Description Text 50 Description
Active Boolean   Informative, specifies that the cash register is active
Related Location Code Code 10 The associated warehouse designation, i.e. determines the location where the POS is located
Cash Payment Method Text 20 Cash payment method designation
Bank Card Payment Method Text 20 Card payment method designation
Bank Payment Method Text 20 Bank transfer payment method designation
EFT Terminal     Fields required for card payment interface connection
Service Connection String Text 250 IP of the card payment terminal
Service Port Code 20 Card payment terminal port


Based on codeunit 70467125 “BCSPOS Card Payment Terminal” or your own maded code unit.

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