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BCS Itera

Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Contract Management

Contract management functionality in BC enables the following:


To use the functionality, Contract Setup must be opened and following fields filled:

Field Explanation
Contract numbers For defining contract number series. Value can be chosen from No. Series List.
Contract Usage Accounts Allows to define a GL accounts filter for contract usage calculation. For an example income and expense accounts on which you expect transaction related to contracts. It is advisable to exclude VAT, payables and receivables accounts. You can define specific accounts and/or an accounts range (for an example range 30000..90000).


Contract management

With contract management it is possible to manage purchase, sales and other contracts. For creating a new contract you must open Contracts and use button +New in order to create a new entry.

An empty Contract card opens where you can fill the following fields:

Field Explanation
Contract No.* Is filled automatically according to defined Number Series from Contract Setup.
Name and Description** For entering contract and short description.
Partner No.* Allows to choose contract partner from Contact list. If contact is related to a Customer or Vendor then related information will be displayed on Relations tab on fields Customer No. and Name and Vendor No. and Name.
Contract Type* Defines if it is a purchase, sales or other type of contract. Option also defines if that contract can be chosen to Purchase document (Purchase) or to Sales document (Sales).
Main Contract No. Allows to group contracts under a common value (Main Contract), that can be chosen from Contract List. Default value is contract’s own number.
External Contract No. Allows to enter partners contract number.
Start and End Dates** Allows to define validity dates of the contract. Field is informative.
Amount** Allows to enter contract amount, this amount is base for calculating the reminder of the contract.
Amount Incl. VAT Allows to enter contract amount including VAT.
Payment Terms Allows to define agreed payment terms (informative field).
Blocked Allows to mark contract as Blocked. Contract will no longer be displayed in drop down list on purchase and sales documents, job and job planning lines.

*Fields that must be filled **Fields taht are advisable to fill

Fields displayed on fast tab Relations (Customer No. and Name, Vendor No. and Name) are filled automatically after partner selection. Fields will only be filled if the selected Contact is related to Customer and/or Vendor. If the relation will be created later, then contract must be updated manually by pressing button Update Customer/Vendor link on contract card. This updates Contact’s relations with Customer and Vendor on contract.

Using contracts on purchase and sales documents

On sales and purchase document headers you can select appropriate contract from Contract List in the field Contract No.. If contract has been selected in the header then it will be automatically transferred to lines. It is possible to change contract number on lines.


Selection of contracts that can be chosen to document is limited with the following:

If there is no contract in the selection that meets the requirement, then it might be due to Customer/Vendor relations that have not been updated on contract card. In order to update the relations button _Update Customer/Vendor link_ must be pressed on related contract card.This updates Contact’s relations with Customer and Vendor on contract.

Contract number will be transferred to posted documents, General Ledger Entries, customer and vendor ledgers and Job Ledger Entries after posting.


It must be taken into account that document header contract number will be transferred to customer and vendor ledgers. If different contract have been used on lines then those will be transferred to related income and expenses accounts.

Contract completion tracking

You can track the completion and reminder of the contract from the Contract List or Contract Card by checking following fields:

Additionally it is possible to open list of related General Ledger Entries by using Completion entries button in contract list or on contract card.

Using contracts in Jobs

It is possible to use contract in Job module on Job Card and in Job Planning Lines.

Job Card - it is possible to enter related sales contract to a job by selecting appropriate contract from Contract List in the field Contract No.

Selection of contracts that can be chosen to job is limited with the following:

Contract will be transferred to Sales Invoice when creating an invoice for a job by using action Create Job Sales Invoice.

Job Planning Lines - it is possible to enter Partner No. and related Contract No. to job planning lines. That allows track, for an example, if you already have a contract with subcontractor or no for a specific task. Later it will help to track completion..

Selection of contracts that can be chosen to job planning line is limited with the following:

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