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Realtime Bank - User Guide

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Setup Bank Connetors

Three connectors are supported out-of-the-box:

  1. Swedbank Gateway (currently on-prem only)
  2. SEB Baltic Gateway
  3. LHV Connect

Each has its own setup card. Please open the setup of your bank connector and enter the following information:

Field Description
Service URL Enter the address of bank service
Authorization/Device Certificate Filename Enter your Certificate filename according to contract.
Authorization/Device Certificate Password Enter your Certificate password according to contract.

Setup Bank Account

Open Bank Account card and choose the connector in the Bank Connector field.

Setup Realtime Bank

Open Realtime Bank Setup and assign the number series for the Posted Transaction Nos. field.

Incoming Bank Messages

Get bank messages automatically

To get bank messages press the button Get New Bank Messages or setup Job Queue Entries on the bank connector setup page.

The process imports new bank statements to the page Incoming Bank Messages. This page is opened with filters: Source and Status.

Use the “Show all Messages” to see all entries.

Import bank statement manually

You can manually import the bank statement file on the Incoming Bank Messages page by clicking the Import From File button. The entry is in the Received status.

To process the file click Process button.
Then click “Show All Messages” and choose the line.
You see the status – Processed and No. of Saved Transactions.
By pressing this number it is possible to go to the Bank Account Transactions.

Processing Bank Account Transactions

Bank Account Transactions

In Bank Account card there is a new field Balance in Bank. Drilldown in this field to open Bank Account Transactions. By default you can see unposted transactions which need to be applied before they can be posted.

Applying Service Fees

You can use Text-To-Account functionality or describe the G/L account corresponding to the Transaction Code.

Click on the Transaction Code field in the fast box Bank Account Transaction Details. Enter the new line with bank transaction code and G/L Account.

Then go back to transaction and press the Apply Automatically button. The Application status is changed to High Confidence.

You can apply one or more transactions at once.

Applying Invoices

Appying can be done either manually or automatically.

For manual application, assign Applied Account No. and click Apply Manually. This will open the list of open ledger entries. Apply entries by clicking Process->Set Applies-to ID.

For automatic application run the action Apply Automatically.


Applied transaction can be posted to ledger entries by clicking Post action.

In addition Job Queue Entry can be configured, which posts transactions automatically when transaction has been applied and Application Status (quality) is ‘High Confidence’.

Contact Information

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